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  Nov 23, 2017
2008-2009 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Science in Teaching with Specialization in Middle School Mathematics Education

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a master’s degree specialization in middle school mathematics education. Applicants admitted to the program are expected to be certified to teach secondary school mathematics (6-12) or certified to teach in the elementary school (K-9). Successful completion of this specialization leads to an endorsement to teach mathematics in the middle school, and to a teacher-leader endorsement.


The student must complete at least 34 semester hours of graduate work. At least 22 of the 34 hours must be in mathematical sciences. All courses outside the mathematical sciences must be approved by the department in advance.

The student must follow a program of study approved by the department. The program will be designed by the student and his or her adviser and will be built on the program requirements listed below. Students with inadequate backgrounds in mathematics may be required to remove specific deficiencies.

The student must pass an exit capstone research-based project in MATH 697E in lieu of a comprehensive examination in middle school mathematics education. A student who fails to pass the capstone project may, with the permission of the faculty member who is directing the project and with the approval of the director of graduate studies, repeat it once.

Requirements in Department (22)

Electives in Science, Engineering, or Mathematical Sciences (6-8)

Two of the following and/or other approved graduate courses in science, engineering, or mathematical sciences.