Aug 03, 2020  
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 

Type 75 Illinois Administrative Certificate

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In conjunction with the degrees described above, students may meet requirements for various endorsements to the Type 75 Illinois Administrative Certificate. Students may also enroll in certificate-only programs with departmental approval. Departmental approval is required for certification application. Application packets may be obtained from the department office for students interested in certification only rather than a degree program. Students seeking certification who are not admitted to an NIU graduate degree program also must apply for and obtain permission from the Graduate School to enroll as students-at-large.

General Administrative Endorsement

Students seeking this endorsement as part of a graduate degree program in the department must possess a baccalaureate degree which provided certification as an educator in Illinois schools or an equivalent degree with evidence of certification deficiency completion. Students seeking certification only must possess a master’s degree in addition to the previous requirement. All students seeking this endorsement must be admitted by the department, have a program of courses approved by an adviser, and successfully complete a comprehensive examination. State requirements for the general administrative endorsement include four areas of course work and experience including instructional leadership, management of public schools, schools and public policy, and a clinical experience.

Chief School Business Official Endorsement

Students who have already earned an appropriate and related master’s degree from an accredited college or university with an approved teacher education program can complete specific school business management courses to qualify for the chief school business official endorsement. Applicants must meet all state requirements for the endorsement and complete courses in the areas of school business management, school organization and administration, school finance and fiscal planning, and clinical experience.

Superintendent Endorsement

To pursue the superintendent endorsement, students must possess a master’s degree in educational administration or its equivalent. Students seeking this endorsement must be admitted by the department, have a program of courses approved by an adviser, successfully complete a comprehensive examination, and meet all other state requirements. State requirements for the superintendent endorsement include the areas of governance and management of public schools, educational planning, and clinical experiences.

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