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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 

Management (B.S.)

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Students pursuing the B.S. degree in management select one of three emphases: leadership and management, human resource management, or entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Students in the leadership and management emphasis are prepared for management trainee, supervisory, or other management positions in a variety of commercial enterprises. This emphasis also enhances students’ preparation for entrepreneurial and consulting endeavors. Students in the human resource management emphasis are prepared for entry-level positions as human resource generalists or specialists in a variety of firms. Students in the entrepreneurship and social responsibility emphasis are prepared for business development or entrepreneurship positions in a variety of new and established commercial and/or social enterprises. This emphasis also enhances students’ preparation for leadership and consulting endeavors.

Management Learning Goals and Objectives

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Management program are expected to demonstrate these learning goals and objectives in addition to the College of Business Undergraduate Learning Goals and Objectives.
Graduates of our program will demonstrate the following:
1. Problem-Solving Competencies

  • Effectively carries out all steps of decision-making process
  • Applies management principles throughout process
  • Recognizes and thoughtfully considers ethical implications when making management decisions

2. Relationship Building Competencies

  • Participates actively in team projects and positively influences team outcomes
  • Builds effective relationships with peers, mentors, and business partners
  • Proactively manages interpersonal conflict
  • Respects and leverages diversity in backgrounds and perspectives

3. Communication Competencies

  • Produces professional business documents
  • Delivers professional presentations
  • Appropriately seeks and utilizes feedback for improvement

4. Career and Self-Leadership Competencies

  • Develops and acts upon a long-term career vision
  • Understands and leverages professional strengths
  • Understands and overcomes professional weaknesses
  • Actively seeks out opportunities to build professional expertise
  • Demonstrates professionalism in interaction with others


Retention in the management major is competitive based on a student’s GPA. A transcript review must be completed by the department and permission granted before a management major can enroll in MGMT 355 or MGMT 457.

Satisfactory completion of MGMT 335 as evidenced by a grade of C or better is required before a management major is allowed to enroll in any 300- or 400-level course required in the major that has MGMT 335 as a prerequisite.

Management prerequisites are met only by obtaining a grade of C or better. (It is necessary to repeat a MGMT prerequisite in which a grade below C was earned before taking the next course in the sequence.)

To graduate as a management major, a student must earn a grade of at least C in each course required in the major, which includes courses in the Foundations of Business and Business Core, required MGMT courses, and all electives required for the major.

Management majors may repeat a maximum of two 300- or 400-level courses required in the majorincluding elective courses required for the major. Repeats of FINA 320, MGMT 335, MKTG 295, and OMIS 338 will not be counted towards the maximum.

Students who want to repeat a MGMT course will be permitted to enroll in that course only during add/drop and if there is space available.

Limited Retention Requirements

The College of Business is competitive based on a student’s overall GPA and performance in selected tool courses. All business majors must complete FINA 320, MGMT 335, MKTG 295, and OMIS 338 by the end of the first year in which they enroll in 300- or 400-level business courses. Prerequisites for MGMT 335 are: a grade of C or better in each of the Foundations of Business courses; having a 2.50 or better cumulative GPA; and having completed at least 45 semester credit hours. To continue as a business major, students must earn a C or better in FINA 320, MGMT 335, MKTG 295, and OMIS 338. Additional retention requirements for each major can be found under Department Requirements.

Foundations of Business Courses and Business Core Courses

The Foundations of Business and Business Core courses must be completed by all students majoring in business.

Foundations of Business Courses (29-32)

Emphasis 1. Leadership and Management

Requirements in Department (25)

Two of the following (6)

Total Hours for Emphasis 1, Leadership and Management: 72-75

Emphasis 2. Human Resource Management

Emphasis 3. Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility

Requirements in Department (25)

One of the following (3)

Total Hours for Emphasis 3, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility: 72-75

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