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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Middle Level Teaching and Learning (B.S.Ed.)

The Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S. Ed.) degree in Middle Level Teaching and Learning is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare future practitioners with the content knowledge and pedagogical approaches necessary to serve the needs of young adolescent learners in specific disciplines for teacher licensure in middle level education. As a condition for obtaining a middle level teaching license (grades 5-8) in Illinois, candidates prepare for teaching in one major content area endorsement: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Sciences. In addition, the program has been designed so that candidates will earn endorsement in an additional area.

All students seeking admission are required to have an overall minimum NIU GPA of 2.50. Additionally, students must obtain a grade C or better in all foundational studies general education courses: EPS 300, EPS 382, and EPS 419. These requirements must be met prior to enrollment in MLTL 302, Clinical Experience in Middle Level Curriculum and Instruction. Candidates seeking professional educator licensure must successfully complete the Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP), or equivalent recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education no later than the semester prior to student teaching. Candidates must also pass the content tests required by their licensure field prior to student teaching. See also “Educator Licensure Information.”

Check departmental information for additional requirements.

Special Requirements

Transfer students with an A.A. or A.S. degree must fulfill all general education requirements set forth by the entering catalog in order to meet educator licensure requirements.

Middle level education students must successfully complete all professional course work with a grade of C or better, or S, to continue to enroll in any of the professional courses.


Retention in the middle level education program is contingent upon maintaining a NIU cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher, having a grade of  C or better in all professional education courses, and successful completion of all clinical experiences. All course requirements (in the major content area option and minor content area option) require a grade C or better. 

Students who successfully complete the program will have completed all required ISBE and CAEP standards for educator licensure. 

Professional Education Requirements (49)

Requirements for Endorsement in One of the Following Major Content Areas:

Major Content Area Option: English Language Arts (33)

One of the following in American Literature (3)

Major Content Area Option: Mathematics (29-31)

Two of the following:

Major Content Area Option: Science (33)

Major Content Area Option: Social Science (34)

Requirements for Endorsement in One of the Following Minor Content Areas:

Minor Content Area Option: English Language Arts (24)

One of the following (3)

Minor Content Area Option: Family and Consumer Science (26)

Minor Content Area Option: Health Education (24)

Minor Content Area Option: Mathematics (26)

Minor Content Area Option: Science (24)

Minor Content Area Option: Social Science (25)

All other licensure content areas are K-12 and will specify 24-26 credit hours (including a methods class) for a minor content area option.

Additional Endorsement Option: Bilingual/ESL (18)

Total hours for a Major in Middle Level Teaching and Learning: 102-109