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2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communicative Disorders (B.S.)

Emphasis 1. Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology

Students in this emphasis are usually preparing for professional practice as either audiologists or speech-language pathologists. The undergraduate curriculum provides the requirements preparatory to graduate study in the professional areas. Minimal requirements are those prescribed for the Certificate of Clinical Competence of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Students planning for employment in the public schools should also become familiar with the requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education for the Type 73 certificate as a specialist in speech-language impaired.

Requirements outside Department (30-37)

Mathematics Requirements

The following course is available for general education credit.

Or all of the following

MATH 155 and MATH 229 are available for general education credit.

One of the following (3-4)

The following courses are available for general education credit.

Total Hours for Emphasis 1, Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology: 79-86

Emphasis 2. Rehabilitation Services

Students in this emphasis are usually preparing as paraprofessionals or professionals providing human/social services to persons with disabilities. The required courses provide a basic background in disability and rehabilitation concepts, psychological principles and statistics. Paraprofessional positions (e.g., job coach, rehabilitation aide) can be obtained by students with the baccalaureate degree. Students desiring professional positions must obtain a master’s degree. The undergraduate curriculum is preparatory to graduate study which meets the course requirements of the Commission on Rehabilitation Counseling Certification.

Requirements outside Department (39-40)

Course work from the following (27)

Chosen with adviser’s assistance, from at least three departments.

Total Hours for Emphasis 2, Rehabilitation Services: 76-77