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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 

Psychology (PSYC)

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The Department of Psychology offers the B.A. and B.S. degree with a major in psychology. Either program can be used to gain certification to teach social sciences at the junior and senior high school levels. The department also offers a minor in psychology which should be of interest to students majoring in many other areas in the university. A departmental honors program is offered for qualified majors. Successful completion of the program leads to graduation with honors in psychology.

The introductory course in psychology can be used by non-majors toward fulfilling the university’s general education requirement in the social sciences area. A number of departmental courses are required of majors in other programs throughout the university.

Internship opportunities are available to psychology majors of upper-division standing in youth care agencies, community mental health centers and medical programs, law enforcement/court/legal offices, human resource/employment services, and other professions in conjunction with PSYC 489. Interested students may consult with their faculty adviser or with a faculty member closely associated with the appropriate field.

Psychology Faculty

Gregory A. Waas, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, associate professor, chair
Larissa K. Barber, Ph.D., Saint Louis University, assistant professor
David J. Bridgett, Ph.D., Washington State University, assistant professor
M. Anne Britt, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, Presidential Research Professor
Michelle K. Demaray, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, professor
Amanda M. Durik, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, associate professor
Lisa M. Finkelstein, Ph.D., Tulane University, associate professor
Angela Grippo, Ph.D., University of Iowa, assistant professor
Michelle M. Lilly, Ph.D., University of Michigan, assistant professor
Mary C. Lovejoy, Ph.D., University of Iowa, associate professor 
Amy E. Luckner, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, assistant professor
Joseph P. Magliano, Ph.D., University of Memphis, Presidential Research Professor
Christine K. Malecki, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, professor
Leslie Matuszewich, Ph.D., University of Buffalo, associate professor
Keith K. Millis, Ph.D., Memphis State University, professor
Nina S. Mounts, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, professor
Holly K. Orcutt, State University of New York, Buffalo, associate professor
Christopher P. Parker, Ph.D., Rice University, associate professor
Lisa A. Paul, Ph.D., University of Wyoming, assistant professor
Bradford H. Pillow, Ph.D., Stanford University, associate professor
Laura D. Pittman, Ph.D., University of Connecticut, Storrs, associate professor
Alan Rosenbaum, Ph.D., State University of New York, Stony Brook, professor
Brad J. Sagarin, Ph.D., Arizona State University, professor
Alecia M. Santuzzi, Ph.D., Tulane University, assistant professor
John J. Skowronski, Ph.D., University of Iowa, Distinguished Research Professor
David P. Valentiner, Ph.D., University of Texas, professor
Douglas Wallace, Ph.D., Kent State University, associate professor
Katja Wiemer, Ph.D., University of Memphis, associate professor
Kevin D. Wu, Ph.D., University of Iowa, associate professor

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