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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 

Music (MU–)

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Admission to programs in the School of Music is limited. See “Limited Admissions and Limited Retention Requirements” in the Admission section of this catalog. 

The School of Music offers a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree with emphases in music education, performance, and composition and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree for students whose interests lie in acquiring a broad, liberal education.

Audition Procedures

Undergraduate admission for music majors is a two-part procedure. Every student must be accepted by the Office of Admissions and the School of Music in order to pursue a degree. The School of Music accepts students after they have successfully completed an audition, interview, and basic musicianship screening. While students may designate themselves as intended music majors when applying to the university, they do not formally achieve that status until all of the above procedures have been completed successfully. Students who wish to enroll in the composition emphasis must also submit written examples of their works. Prospective students may contact the School of Music for regularly scheduled audition and screening dates. Performance study is available in voice, piano, organ, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings, guitar, and harp.


Music majors are expected to attend a specified number of recitals, concerts, and convocations. Music majors must attain a minimum grade of C in all 100- and 200-level music courses required for graduation in their degree program.

Depending on the emphasis chosen, all senior music majors are required to present a full or partial recital, submit a composition or research project, or complete an equivalent assignment. No credit is awarded. 

Cooperative Education/Internship in Music

Music majors of upper-division standing are eligible to submit an application for a cooperative education/internship experience. Those students selected for the program may work full or part time with approved employers complementary to students’ career goals. Accredited experiences include composition and arranging (MUSC 390), recording techniques (MUSC 390), performance (MUSP 463), and a variety of areas within the music industry (MUSP 463). Variable S/U credit assigned on the basis of the length and/or nature of employment. Credit does not apply towards requirements in a major in music, and students are limited to a maximum of 8 semester hours of cooperative education/internship credit in the School of Music.

Interested students should consult with a faculty member closely associated with the appropriate field. As the student approaches junior academic standing, he or she may apply to the School of Music for participation in NIU’s Cooperative Education/Internship Program. Applications will be reviewed on the basis of academic GPA, instructor recommendation(s), professional promise, and demonstrated interest and competence in the area of study. The student must possess a minimum 2.50 overall GPA with a minimum 3.00 GPA in course work offered by the School of Music. All students (including transfers) must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours in the School of Music.

All internships are approved by the School of Music and coordinated by the Cooperative Education/Internship Program. The latter office requires completion of an application and resume. These courses may be taken concurrently with or following regular curricular offerings in the classroom such as MUSP 462, Survey of the Music Industry.

Music Faculty

Janet Hathaway, Ph.D., New York University, associate professor, director
Omar al-Musfi, M.M., Northern Illinois University, instructor
Orna Arania, D.M., Northwestern University, associate professor
Elizabeth Barber, D.M., Northwestern University, instructor
Gregory Barrett, D.Mus., Indiana University, professor
Gregory Beyer, D.M.A., Manhattan School of Music, professor
Thomas Bough, D.M.A., Arizona State University, professor
Geof Bradfield, M.F.A. California Institute of the Arts, associate professor
James Russell Brown, M.M., New England Conservatory, instructor
Ricardo Castañeda, M.M., Northwestern University, instructor
Robert Chappell, M.M., University of North Texas, visiting professor
Christine D’Alexander, D.M.A., University of Southern California, assistant professor
Arthur Davis, M.M., University of Illinois, instructor
Anthony Devroye, Performance Diploma, Curtis Institute of Music, associate professor
Mary Lynn Doherty, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, associate professor
John Floeter, B.M., DePaul University, instructor
Tom Garling, M.M., University of Miami, instructor
John Gaudette, Diploma, Curtis Institute of Music, instructor
William Goldenberg, D.Mus., Indiana University, Distinguished Teaching Professor
Fareed Haque, B.M., Northwestern University, professor
Brian Hart, Ph.D., Indiana University, professor
Eric Johnson, D.M.A., University of Illinois, professor
I Gusti Ngurah Kertayuda, National Performing Arts Institute (Indonesia), instructor
JeongSoo Kim, D.M.A., New England Conservatory, associate professor
Edward Klonoski, Ph.D., Ohio State University, associate professor
Kelly Langenberg, M.M., De Paul University, instructor
Cheng-Hou Lee, D.M.A., New England Conservatory, associate professor
Blaise Magnière, M.M., Cleveland Institute of Music, associate professor
David Maki, D.M.A., University of Michigan, associate professor and assistant director
Lucia Matos, D.M.A., University of Iowa, associate professor
Jeremy Moeller, M.M., Rice University, instructor
Ann Montzka-Smelser, M.M., Northern Illinois University, instructor
Myron B. Myers, M.M., University of Southern California, professor
Dan Nichols, M.M., Northern Illinois University, instructor
John K. Novak, Ph.D., University of Texas, associate professor
Elinor Olin, Ph.D., Northwestern University, visiting assistant professor
Brian Penkrot, Ph.D., University of Iowa, visiting assistant professor
Mark Ponzo, D.M.A., Eastman School of Music, professor
Matthew Romriell, M.F.A., Northern Illinois University, instructor
Marlene Rosenberg, M.M., Northwestern, instructor
Faye Seeman, M.M., Boston University, instructor
Robert L. Sims, Artistic Diploma, Northwestern University, professor
Phillip Sink, D.M., Indiana University, assistant professor
Linc Smelser, M.M., Northern Illinois University, instructor
Thomas Snydacker, M.M., Arizona State University, instructor
Mathias J. Tacke, Diploma, Northwest German Music Academy, professor
Liam Teague, M.M., Northern Illinois University, professor
Scott Tegge, Professional Diploma, Roosevelt University, instructor
Reggie Thomas, M.M., Southern Illinois University, professor
Rodrigo Villanueva, M.M., University of North Texas, professor
Ben Wahlund, M.M., Northern Illinois University, instructor
Jui-Ching Wang, D.M.A, Arizona State University, associate professor
Marie Wang, M.M., Northern Illinois University, associate professor
Ronnie Wooten, D.M.A., Michigan State University, professor

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