Oct 24, 2021  
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 

Healthcare Policy and Management (15)

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Certificate of Graduate Study

This certificate is jointly administered by the College of Business, the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, the College of Health and Human Sciences, and the College of Law. The certificate promotes collaboration among four key disciplines: business, engineering, health sciences, and law, and is based upon performance measures (e.g., patient safety, operations efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction, etc.) critical to effective healthcare service delivery that span these disciplines. Integral to the program is foundational learning related to interactional expertise. Students integrate current knowledge from their respective professions/degree programs and develop an understanding of the values, behaviors, concepts, and language of the four disciplines.

Students must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours. This consists of an introductory course, three courses organized around critical performance measures, and a capstone course. The three courses have modular components from each of the four disciplines (business, engineering, health sciences, and law). During each course, students must demonstrate integration of the four disciplines. The final capstone course requires students to conduct a real-world project that demonstrates integration of learning and application to a healthcare delivery setting, such as acute care, ambulatory care, specialty care centers, and the NIU Proton Therapy Center.

Requirements for admission into the course of study leading towards the interdisciplinary healthcare policy and management certificate include admission to the graduate-level classification of student-at-large or admission to the graduate school in one of the four colleges, and approval of the director of the certificate program. The certificate program is designed to accommodate students via online, hybrid, and/or intensive class formats.

Graduates of this certificate program will have the education and skills to support leadership positions in a variety of healthcare settings.

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