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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 

Studio Art (B.F.A.)

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A portfolio review is required for admission into the major in studio art (B.F.A) after completion of designated courses in the chosen field of study. Check departmental information for any additional requirements.

Emphasis 1. Design and Media Arts

Requirements in School (78)

One of the following areas of study (54)

Special requirements

After completion of ARTD 273, students must successfully complete a portfolio review in order to be retained in the time arts area of study.

Photography (54)

Special requirements

Students must present an entrance portfolio to the photography faculty before completion of their second course in photography after completing ARTD 313 and one of the following ARTD 419 or ARTD 413 and pass the portfolio review for admission into the photography area of study.

Special requirements

Students must successfully complete a review of their senior project during ARTD 406.

Students must present an entrance portfolio, be interviewed by the visual communication faculty, and pass the portfolio review for admission into the visual communication area of study before registering for ARTD 201, a course offered only in fall semester. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in the following courses to continue in the visual communication program.

Total Hours for Emphasis 1, Design and Media Arts: 78

Emphasis 2. Studio

Special Requirements: To enter the studio emphasis of the major in studio art (B.F.A.), students must successfully complete 9 semester hours of basic requirements, ARTH 282 and ARTH 292, at least 12 of the 24 required semester hours of ARTS 200/300-level Core Studio Art Requirements, and pass a portfolio review. These special requirements must be met no later than the semester in which the entrance portfolio is submitted. All eight courses (24 semester hours) listed in the Core Studio Art Requirements must be completed in conjunction with the studio emphasis B.F.A. degree.

Requirements in School (81)

Basic Requirements (9)

Art History Requirements (12)

B.F.A. Studio Area Requirements (36)

Students must successfully complete the sub-plan requirements in one of the following fields: ceramics, drawing, fiber, illustration, metals, painting, printmaking, or sculpture. Check individual area sub-plans for specific requirements. Exceptions to any individual area sub-plan will require faculty approval.

Drawing Area Sub-plan (36)

Illustration Area Sub-plan (36)

Painting Area Sub-plan (36)

Printmaking Area Sub-plan (36)

Ceramics Area Sub-plan (36)

Fiber Area Sub-plan (36)

Three of the following (9)

ARTS/ARTD 300/400-level electives (12)

(Additional studio electives required beyond 24 credits listed in Core Studio Art and Sub-Plan requirements.)

Metalwork, Jewelry Design, and Digital Fabrication Area Sub-plan (36)

Sculpture Area Sub-plan (36)

Total Hours for Emphasis 2, Studio: 81

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