Mar 23, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 

Public Health (B.S.)

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Check departmental information for any additional requirements.

General Information

Practical field training is required as part of the public health curriculum and student teaching is a required part of the health education curriculum. Students are advised that they are responsible for their own transportation to and from the training facilities and all costs associated with these activities.

Major Requirements

The public health program prepares students for professional positions in general public health, health administration, environment and health, and health promotion. Depending on their particular interests, graduates will be involved in developing and communicating health information to the public, planning and managing health service programs and facilities, and investigating and evaluating specific environmental and community health problems. Students aspiring to major in public health should contact a program adviser as early as possible, preferably during their freshman year, for an academic advising. Failure to do so could result in a delayed graduation.

Requirements in School (25-28)

Requirements outside School (20-23)

One of the following emphases: General Public Health, Health Administration, Environment and Health, or Health Promotion

Emphasis 1. General Public Health

The general public health emphasis allows students to complete a broad educational foundation in public health while choosing a minor outside the school.

Requirements in School (9)

Requirements outside School (21-41)

One of the following (3)

One of the following (12-30)

A minor offered by the School of Family and Consumer Sciences, or a minor in biological sciences, chemistry, communication studies, communicative disorders, gerontology, environmental management systems, environmental studies, military science, nonprofit and NGO studies, Spanish, psychology, or other course work as approved by public health adviser.

Total Hours for Emphasis 1, General Public Health: 75-101

Emphasis 2. Health Administration

The health administration emphasis teaches students administrative, supportive, planning, and assessment skills that prepares students for careers in managed-care settings; long-term care; hospitals; federal, state, and community health agencies, and other health-related organizations. With appropriate electives, students qualify to take the Illinois Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Examination. For details, contact the public health program office.

Requirements outside School (24-26)

One of the following (3)

Total Hours for Emphasis 2, Health Administration: 84-92

Recommendations to meet math requirements for emphasis 2

Emphasis 3. Environment and Health

The requirements in the school for the environment and health emphasis prepare students to work in a variety of environmental settings that focus on eliminating health disparities of the public.

Requirements in School (9-10)

Requirements outside School (28-31)

Two of the following (6-7)

One course in science approved by the public health adviser (3-4)

Total Hours for Emphasis 3, Environment and Health: 82-92

Recommendations to meet math requirements for emphasis 3

Emphasis 4. Health Promotion

The requirements for the health promotion emphasis prepare students to become health educators in health care or social assistance settings. They educate individuals and communities about behaviors that can prevent diseases, injuries, and other health issues. In addition, the health promotion emphasis prepares students to take the Certified Health Education Specialist Exam (CHES) given by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

Requirements in School (18)

Requirements outside School (12-14)

One of the following (3)

Total Hours for Emphasis 4, Health Promotion: 75-83