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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Master of Science in Education in Instructional Technology

Check departmental information for any additional requirements. For application links and additional information visit the college page or the NIU Online page.

This 33-semester-hour program prepares students to be competent practitioners and creative leaders in all major areas of the field. Students develop competencies in such areas as performance technology, instructional software design and development, information access, materials’ selection and evaluation, media administration, program evaluation, and instructional design, development, and evaluation.

The student learning outcomes for this degree are located at


An applicant may submit MAT scores in lieu of GRE scores.

Student-at-Large, Study-Abroad, and Transfer Credit

Students-at-large are normally prohibited from registering for graduate courses in instructional technology unless they are pursuing an approved endorsement as a Technology Specialist or Library Information Specialist. A maximum of 15 student-at-large and transfer semester hours in combination may be applied toward the master’s degree in instructional technology. See “Requirements for Graduate Degrees” for limitation on study-abroad and transfer credit. With the approval of the student’s faculty adviser, a student who has completed endorsement and/or licensure requirements as a Library Information Specialist or Technology Specialist at NIU as a student-at-large may apply some or all of those student-at-large hours towards the master’s degree in instructional technology.


The M.S.Ed. in instructional technology requires a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate course work, determined jointly by the student and adviser. An approved program of courses includes general requirements in instructional technology, and electives as follows.

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination requirement is fulfilled by successfully completing and presenting a portfolio of student work that demonstrates competency in all core areas of the program. Students must have completed 24 credit hours toward the M.S.Ed. degree in order to participate in the portfolio process.