May 27, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Minor in Military Science (28)

The department offers a structured curriculum incorporating the U.S. Army’s Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) I program and academic studies that meet the U.S. Army’s precommissioning requirements. Students pursue academic majors in colleges of their choice. Award of the minor will be linked to successful completion of core requirements and two approved elective courses.

This academic minor is open to all students, both those seeking a commission in the U.S. Army and those desiring to expand their knowledge of military science. The minor is not a requirement to obtain a commission. Prior military service may be considered for proficiency credit towards lower division courses in the minor.

Check departmental information for any additional requirements.

Requirements (28)

Course work from the following (6)

Special Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a commission in the United States Army should contact the Department of Military Science chair concerning contract eligibility and advanced course requirements as early as possible but preferably not later than the second semester of their sophomore year. Elective course selection for contracted students must include as a minimum 3 semester hours in military history (HIST 379) or an approved equivalent.