Dec 07, 2023  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dean: Robert Brinkmann, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs: Amanda Durik, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs: Leslie Matuszewich, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Administration: Bárbara González, Ph.D.

School of Public and Global Affairs
Department of Anthropology
Department of Biological Sciences
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Communication
Department of Computer Science
Department of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment
Department of Economics
Department of English
Department of History
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Department of Philosophy
Department of Physics
Department of Political Science
Department of Psychology
Department of Public Administration
Department of Sociology
Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
Department of World Languages and Cultures

College Mission Statement

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences fosters the generation, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge as the foundation of a liberal education. The mission of the college is to provide high-quality education that contributes to the intellectual growth, self-discovery, and enhanced expertise of all members of the university community. The college makes available to the widest possible audience the rich cultural and scientific legacy represented by the disciplines that make up the liberal arts and sciences. Because bodies of knowledge do not exist in isolation, the college promotes interdisciplinary inquiry and is committed to the integration of teaching, scholarship, and service. The research and scholarship in the college permeate teaching and service, generating a wide range of opportunities for faculty and students to work together in transmitting, expanding, and applying knowledge. The college programs are designed to serve the university, its students, and the residents of the region, the country, and the world. These programs link basic and applied research and scholarly endeavors to the interests and needs of individuals and society.