Aug 12, 2022  
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 

Master of Science in Education in Foundations of Education

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This 33-semester-hour program provides the student with a theoretical and comparative understanding of the philosophical, historical, and social foundations of education, which serves as the basis for the analysis of educational policies and controversies. The program requires the successful completion of a master’s thesis.

Check departmental information for any additional requirements.

The student learning outcomes for this degree are located at


An applicant may submit MAT scores in lieu of GRE scores. For qualified applicants to the program, demonstration of writing competencies and a pre-admission interview must be completed before final admission decision is made.

Student-at-Large, Study-Abroad, and Transfer Credit

Student-at-large and transfer hours in combination may not exceed 15 semester hours for students pursuing a master’s degree in foundations of education. The limit on student-at-large hours may be waived in special circumstances with the approval of the department chair. See “Requirements for Graduate Degrees” for limitation on study-abroad credit.


A student is assigned an adviser when admitted to the program. Individual needs and goals of students are considered in the advisement process; courses may be selected from appropriate departments throughout the university. Students are responsible for meeting regularly with the adviser. Near the end of course work, students select a thesis adviser and two additional committee members who are graduate faculty members in foundations of education.


The M.S.Ed. in foundations of education requires a minimum of 33 semester hours as follows.

  • A course in research (3)
  • Foundations of education (EPFE) courses (12)
  • Elective course work selected in consultation with an adviser (12- 15)

The student may select one of the following three options to complete the program:

  • Credits: 1-6
  • Students must take 6 semester hours in this course.

  •       OR   Credits: 1-6
  •       Students must take 6 semester hours in this course.

  •       OR Two additional courses in the foundations of education selected in consultation with adviser (6)
  •       Students must successfully complete two graduate-level courses approved by adviser (6)

Comprehensive Examination

Oral defense of the approved thesis (EPFE 699A) or culminating project (EPFE 699B) fulfills the comprehensive exam requirement. In the case of the additional course work, students will complete a written examination addressing the program outcomes and complete an oral defense of the examination questions as well as questions related to the overall program of study.

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