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2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 

Secondary Licensure in Physical Education

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The physical education entitlement program is designed for students interested in teaching physical education in Grades 6 to 12. The student plans a program of study in consultation with the adviser for educator licensure. Upon completion of physical education deficiencies, the physical education professional program, and professional education requirements for secondary licensure, the student may be recommended for admission to teacher education.

Deficiencies in Undergraduate Work

Candidates for the M.S.Ed. degree and 6-12 educator licensure must show proficiency in the following courses, or their equivalent, through transcript evaluation.

  • BIOS 311, Functional Human Anatomy (4) 
  • KNDN 220, Recreational Dance Forms (2)
    OR KNDN 351, Multicultural Dance (1)
  • KNPE 217, Personal Health-Related Fitness Development (1)
  • KNPE 225, Fundamental Sport Skills I (2)
  • KNPE 226, Fundamental Sport Skills II (2)
  • KNPE 262, Standard First Aid (2)
  • KNPE 313, Mechanical Kinesiology of Motor Skills (3)
    OR KNPE 314, Applied Kinesiology (4)
  • KNPE 446, Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education School Settings (2)

One of the Following

  • KNPE 313, Mechanical Kinesiology of Motor Skills (3)
  • KNPE 314, Applied Kinesiology (4)

Physical Education Professional Course Requirements

Minimum of 1 semester hour in each of the areas of fitness, dance, individual sports, and team sports. (These courses may be met through undergraduate deficiency requirements.)

  • KNPE 344, Field Experience in the Elementary School (1)
  • KNPE 365, Introduction to Adventure Education (3)
    OR KNPE 366, Lifetime Sports and Activities (3)
  • KNPE 367, Tactical Approach to Teaching Games (3)
    OR KNPE 368, Sport Education (3)
  • KNPE 466, Field Experience at Outdoor Environments (1)
  • KNPE 467, Field Experience in the Middle School (1)
  • KNPE 468, Field Experience in the High School (1)

Professional Education Requirements

Students seeking secondary educator licensure must contact the adviser for educator licensure regarding professional education and should also see “Educator Licensure Information.”

Following completion of course work in the professional program in physical education and the professional education requirement, students are eligible to attempt the Illinois Educator Licensure Examination. Students may earn the M.S.Ed. degree by completing the additional hours required for the degree (normally 9-18 semester hours).

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