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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 

Geography (B.A. or B.S.)

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Check departmental information for any additional requirements.

The emphasis in geography offers the opportunity to develop greater understanding of a specific aspect of geography by choosing electives from one of four areas of study: area studies, geographic information systems (GIS), natural environmental systems, or urban/economic systems. With the proper selection set of electives, the student can meet federal civil service qualification standards as a soil scientist or hydrologist. The emphasis in geomatics integrates land surveying and mapping science. Students pursuing the emphasis in geography may earn the B.A. or the B.S. degree; those pursuing the emphasis in geomatics must fulfill requirements for the B.S. degree.

The student learning outcomes for this degree are located at http:/

Emphasis 1: Geography (B.A. or B.S.)

Requirements in Department (36)

Electives chosen from one of the following four course groupings or any combination.

Electives chosen from one of the following four course groupings or any combination for 12 semester hours. 
Both GEOG 391 and GEOG 491 may be included in these 12 hours for no more than 3 semester hours of credit in each.

Geographic Information Systems

Course work from the following

Natural Environmental Systems

Students will be better prepared for this area by fulfilling the B.S. degree requirements.

Course work from the following

Urban/Economic Systems

Course work from the following

Requirements outside Department (B.A., 7-20; B.S., 10-15)

For the B.A. degree

For the B.S. degree

See “College Requirements for the B.S. Degree” in the Other Graduation Requirements section of this catalog. Students should consult the undergraduate adviser for the appropriate sequence for their course of study.

Total Hours for Emphasis 1, Geography: 43-56 (B.A.) OR 46-51 (B.S.)


Students interested in environmental studies are strongly advised to complete at least two, one-year sequences of courses in a laboratory science. Students should contact the undergraduate adviser for career goal advisement early in their course of study.

Emphasis 2: Geomatics (B.S.)

Requirements in Department (41)

Requirements outside Department (15-16)


Students interested in a career in land surveying will need to satisfy curricular and course requirements for the surveyor in-training examination. Students should consult with the undergraduate adviser early in their course of study for advice on fulfilling those requirements.

Total Hours for Emphasis 2, Geomatics: 56-57 (B.S.)

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