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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 

Secondary Educator Licensure

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Several departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences administer programs leading to initial educator licensure. See “Educator Licensure Information” for a complete list of educator licensure entitlement programs offered by NIU. Students interested in teaching in a subject area offered by a department in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences should see individual department listings in this catalog and seek departmental advisement concerning standards for admission and retention unique to each departmental licensure program.

Requirements Common to All Accredited Educator Licensure Programs in Liberal Arts and Sciences

All of the educator licensure programs offered in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences meet or exceed minimum requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE); consequently, students completing the requirements for any of the programs will be recommended for licensure under ISBE entitlement. Students with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution interested in secondary educator licensure in any of the above subject areas must

  • be admitted to the university as a postgraduate, student-at-large, or a graduate student. Admission to a degree program does not guarantee admission to the licensure program in any department. (Students should seek transcript evaluation and advisement from the appropriate department licensure adviser concerning departmental requirements for admission to the educator licensure program.)
  • meet departmental requirements for the teaching subject-area.
  • complete general education course work as mandated by ISBE.
  • complete a minimum of 100 clock hours of clinical experiences approved by the department prior to student teaching.
  • complete professional education courses as mandated by ISBE. Consult the adviser in the appropriate licensure program (see above list) for information about courses which meet these requirements.
  • complete the subject-area department teaching methods course.
  • pass both the State of Illinois Basic Skills Examination and the appropriate subject matter examination administered by the Illinois Licensure Testing System.
  • complete the student teaching course offered by the subject-area department. Student teaching assignments and sites must be authorized by the subject-area department. See the appropriate department adviser for information about timely application and regulations governing the student teaching assignment.

A satisfactory academic record is not the only criterion for admission to and retention in a licensure program. Written evaluations of any candidate’s performance which demonstrate deficiencies in organizational and communication skills or attitudes and behaviors unsuitable for working with students will result in that candidate not being recommended for licensure.

See department licensure adviser. Also see “Educator Licensure Information.”

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