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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 

Specialization in Art Education under the Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

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This is a professional degree, offered through the College of Education, intended to prepare superior teachers, administrators, service personnel, and scholars of art education. In addition to other functions, the program prepares individuals for teaching at the college level. Preparation for research responsibilities both as producer and as consumer is an integral part of each program. The specialization in art education focuses on preparing students to be knowledgeable practitioners, scholars, and leaders in the field of art education. Students study art education research, theory, and practice. A commitment to scholarship and research, as well as practice, is required of students so as to improve the quality of art education for all learners.

Applicants for the Ed.D. program are expected to have a broad base of general education in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences and are required to present evidence of a minimum of three years of acceptable professional experience and/or demonstrated field leadership.


Decisions about admission to the Ed.D. specialization in the School of Art and Design are made once each academic term. To be assured of consideration, completed applications containing all required data (application forms, official transcripts, GRE or MAT scores, and letters of recommendation) must be received by the Graduate School no later than March 1 for admission for the fall term, November 1 for admission for the spring term, and March 1 for admission for the summer session.

An applicant for admission is generally expected to

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.20 in previous graduate work.
  • Submit scores on the General Test of the GRE or Miller Analogies Test (MAT).
  • Provide three letters of recommendation from professors, employers, or supervisors which provide supportive evidence of an applicant’s professional qualifications.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory academic and professional progress as indicated by data included in the application for admission to the Graduate School.

Demonstration of writing competencies and participation in a pre-admission interview is required of qualified applicants before a final admission decision is made.

Prospective students who fail to satisfy either the GPA or the GRE/MAT criterion may request special consideration of their applications. Such a request must be in writing, must include compensatory evidence related to the deficiencies, and should accompany the application for admission to the Graduate School. Final decisions regarding admissions are made by the School of Art and Design on the basis of a total profile of an individual’s qualifications. Appeals of a decision made by the School of Art and Design may be made to the coordinator of doctoral studies in the School of Art and Design. Appeals must be submitted in writing and must explain the basis for the appeal.

Deficiency Study

In cases in which a student’s background in art education is limited, the individual may be required to fulfill deficiency requirements. Where significant deficiencies are found by the student’s advisory committee, additional semester hours above the 93 required for the doctoral degree may be prescribed.


The doctoral program in curriculum and instruction with a specialization in art education requires the equivalent of at least three years of full-time academic work, or a minimum of 93 semester hours of graduate work beyond the baccalaureate degree including the following.

  • Course work constituting common requirements in research understandings and skills, learning and development theories, and sociocultural analyses of education (15)
  • Course work (excluding dissertation hours)in the specialization (12)
  • A cognate component selected from outside the specialization to provide a broader base of knowledge, a supportive professional skill, or more sophisticated research competencies


A candidacy examination encompassing the principal areas of professional knowledge, the common requirements, and students’ special fields will be scheduled and administered at least twice each year. A graduate student eligible to take this examination, with the permission of the chair of the doctoral committee, will have completed at least two-thirds of his or her studies including the common requirements. Application for the examination can be made to the Division of Art Education, School of Art and Design.

A final oral examination related to the dissertation is required and is conducted in accordance with the general requirements of the Graduate School.

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