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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Illinois Articulation Initiative Core Curriculum

For students earning an A.A., A.S., or approved A.A.T. degree in early childhood, secondary math, or special education from an Illinois public community college, Northern Illinois University is a participant in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), a statewide agreement that allows transfer of the completed Illinois transferable General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) between participating institutions. Successful completion of the GECC at any participating college or university in Illinois assures students that lower-division general education requirements for an associate or baccalaureate degree have been satisfied and allows students to transfer this portion of an associate or baccalaureate degree from one participating IAI institution to another without incurring a loss of credit.

See an academic advisor for additional information and/or read about the IAI at

IAI General Education Core Curriculum Requirements

Communication–9 semester hours: a two-course sequence in writing (6) and one course in oral communications (3)

Mathematics–3-6 semester hours

Physical and Life Sciences–7-8 semester hours: one course in life sciences and one course in physical sciences, at least one of which must be a laboratory course

Humanities and Fine Arts–9 semester hours: one course in humanities, one course in fine arts, and one course from either humanities or fine arts

Social and Behavioral Sciences–9 semester hours: three courses selected from at least two disciplines

IAI Codes

The following IAI codes identify qualifying general education courses.

C  Communication
F  Fine arts
H  Humanities
L  Life sciences
M  Mathematics
P  Physical sciences
S  Social/behavioral sciences

Applicable NIU Courses

IAI Numbers follow the listing for each course.


Physical and Life Sciences

Humanities and Fine Arts

Social and Behavioral Sciences