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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Business Analytics Using SAS Software - SAS Joint Certificate Program (12)

Certificate of Undergraduate Study

Coordinator: Academic Advisor, Department of Operations Management and Information Systems

This certificate is designed for all majors. It brings together technology, data, and strategic decision making. The certificate prepares students to solve complex business problems by using a combination of quantitative skills, modeling techniques, and SAS software applications for data driven decision making. Businesses from every industry and all disciplines are actively seeking professionals who can effectively perform Business Analytics. 

SAS is the leader in business analytics application software. SAS analytical talent is in short supply and high demand in today’s business world. This certificate is an SAS Joint Certificate Program approved by SAS Global Academic Program to prepare students to work in a data-rich environment.

Students must maintain good academic standing within the university, achieve a minimum grade of a C in each course applied toward the certificate, and complete all certificate course work within a period of four calendar years. Some courses may have prerequisites that are not part of the certificate curriculum.

Students interested in the certificate should contact the undergraduate advisor in the Department of Operations Management and Information Systems.