May 27, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Sport and Exercise Psychology (12)

Certificate of Graduate Study

This certificate is a 12-semester-hour certificate program that provides graduate students and working professionals with a focused curriculum designed to enhance their understanding of psychological and sociological processes salient for the experiences of sport and exercise participants. This certificate is applicable for students who are concurrently pursuing graduate or post-baccalaureate studies in kinesiology, sport management, psychology, sociology, physical therapy, and/or statistics. However, students from any graduate major at Northern Illinois University, any other acceptable graduate degree-granting institution, or Student-at-Large are eligible to apply for and obtain a certificate of graduate study in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Moreover, these courses partially fulfill the educational requirements and can be applied towards completion of the M.S.Ed. in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Northern Illinois University (see the M.S.Ed. in Sport and Exercise Psychology degree requirements in the Graduate Catalog). If applicable, some or all Certificate of Graduate Study in Sport and Exercise Psychology courses may be counted toward students’ graduate degree requirements in their respective departments. Students presently enrolled in the M.S.Ed. in Sport and Exercise Psychology program at Northern Illinois University are ineligible to obtain this certificate.

Students wishing to pursue this certificate must be accepted into the Graduate School (as either a degree-seeking student or a student-at-large), formally file an enrollment application with the certificate coordinator before completion of 9 hours of course work related to this certificate, develop a plan of study approved by the certificate coordinator, maintain a cumulative 3.00 grade point average or better in all certificate courses, and complete all certificate course work within six calendar years.

Choose four of the following (12):

Certificate coordinator-approved graduate-level courses focusing on areas such as: sport management, psychology, sociology, physical therapy, statistics, or other relevant topic(s). Coordinator-approved coursework may only equal three credit hours.